The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Energy-Efficient Roller Blinds For Your Home

Any money you spend in making your home more energy efficient is a good investment. Energy bills are predicted to become the second largest household expense after mortgage payments for the majority of families by 2020. A home with energy-saving benefits will shine out when it is listed for sale.

What Is Energy-Efficiency?

An energy-efficient home requires less energy to heat or cool it. Energy-efficient blinds are also called thermal blinds or energy saving blinds and are one such way to keep heat in your home during the winter months and out during the summertime. Blinds accomplish this in two main ways. During cold weather, they form a protective barrier to cut down on heat transfer through the glass panes of your windows. During summer months, blinds with a reflective backing will help reject heat from the sun when lowered. Here are the top five reasons for considering roller blinds as your next home improvement project.

#1. Low Cost

You can of course buy either a roller blind and a vertical blind depending on your preference. One reason to consider roller blinds is their low cost. Unlike vertical blinds that require expensive tacks and hardware that frequently wears out and needs replacing, roller blinds cost less to buy and install while providing maintenance-free operation for longer. This gives you an excellent return on investment (ROI) when you consider the energy savings you stand to make.

#2. Highly Efficient

Roller blinds can be custom ordered to fit any size or shape of window. Unlike vertical blind slats that flap about and move, or curtains that sit away from the window, roller blinds efficiently cover the entire window area. If you wish, you can even fit a magnetic strip to the lower portion of your window frame. This gives the blinds a good seal and is very helpful in keeping more heat in your home during the winter.

#3. Dual-Surface Reflectivity

Energy-saving roller blinds have a reflective coating on both the front and back. Curtains and vertical blinds do not offer this feature. With curtains, you would need to buy and fit silver curtain lining that would only reject solar heat outside. Blinds have the same coating on both sides so are effective during both winter and summer. When lowered during the summer, roller blinds will reflect heat outside. During winter, the coating on the interior surface of blinds will help reflect indoor heat back into the room. Some suppliers of window blinds in Mississauga offer thermal blinds that will reflect up to 78 percent of heat away from the room. They will help even the coolest rooms in your home retain heat and save you money.

#4. Highly Durable

Roller blinds are incredibly tough and scratch resistant, the total opposite of vertical blinds that regularly jam or need fixing.

#5. Infinite Varieties

With such a broad range of colors and patterns to choose from, roller blinds will match any décor. As they roll up discretely, some homeowners even fit them in addition to curtains to boost their home’s energy-efficiency.