Custom Sheers

Hunter Douglas Sheer window coverings are the pinnacle of functionality and beauty! These truly unique sheer window treatments transform sunlight from ordinary to extraordinary and allow you to completely control the amount of light entering your room. The Hunter Douglas collection—includes sheers, shadings, louvers and panels—that are made with a wide variety of soft fabrics and come in different opacities including: Translucent, semi sheer, Opaque and room darkening fabrics.

Collections:    Silhouette®, Luminette®, Pirouette®, Nantucket™, Alustra® Silhouette®, Alustra® Luminette®

Silhouette® window shadings – view photos

Silhouette® window shadings feature the Signature S-Vanes™, which transform light into soft and elegant beauty.  The Silhouette consists of fabric vanes which allow you to fully control the light entering your home. The fabric vanes hang between a sheer in the front and back.  Additionally, the Silhouette comes with a fabric-covered headrail in which the fabric can be completely raised into and completely hidden from your view. You have the luxury of choosing different vanes sizes for your windows which include a 2” and 3” vane size as well as the 4” Quartette® vane size.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers – view photos

The Luminette Privacy Sheers combines the softness and airiness of sheers with the privacy of vertical blinds and/or draperies. Since the Luminette is a vertical window treatment it is particularly appropriate for sliding doors, French doors, and large expansive windows. Design options include: a beautiful selection of sheer fabrics, semi-opaque or opaque vanes, and split stack or side stack designs.

Luminette® Modern Draperies – view photos

Luminette® Modern Draperies offer you a unique alternative to traditional drapery designs. This attractive window treatment is comprised of fabric that exquisitely spans across doors and windows and comes in either Traditional™ or Ribbon™ Panel options.

Pirouette® window shadings – view photos

The exclusive Pirouette® window shadings are Hunter Douglas’ premiere soft window treatments. This distinctive design marries a sheer backing with warm, horizontal fabric vanes which enable you to precisely adjust the light cascading into your home. Pirouette shadings are designed to look like a Roman shade while giving you the option of having a clear view outside without raising the entire shade. That being said, the fabric-covered headrail can completely house the fabric vanes when raised entirely, giving you a sleek, uninterrupted view outside.

Nantucket™ window shadings – view photos

Nantucket™ window shadings consist of fabric vanes suspended in between two sheers, which beautify the sunlight entering a space, while blocking UV rays from damaging your furnishings. When down the vanes can be tilted enabling you to control the amount of natural light shining into your room. The Nantucket shades can also be completely raised and hidden into the sleek headrail giving you a clear line of sight outside. These versatile shades are available in a generous selection of fabrics suitable for any type of décor.

The Alustra® Collection – view photos

The Alustra Product line is exclusive to a Gallery and Centurian Hunter Douglas dealer such as Texeuro Drapery Ltd. This Chic yet classy window treatment collection takes its design inspiration from European Design elements, giving it a refined yet elegant appearance.

Alustra® Silhouette® window shadings* – view photos

Alustra Silhouette collection showcases its Signature S-Vane™ design, and features one of a kind sheer fabrics and hardware finishes.
*This Exclusive product can only be purchased through Hunter Douglas Gallery and Showcase dealers.

Alustra® Luminette® Privacy Sheers* – view photos

Alustra® Luminette® Privacy Sheers refined yet stylish design can easily be used in any space whether your décor is modern, traditional or transitional. The elegant Alustra Luminette is especially befitting for wide-spanning windows, sliding doors and French doors, with its vertically moving vanes that can rotate, allowing you to adjust the amount of natural light shining into your personal space.  Options: translucent or semi-opaque vanes, and unique and fashionable sheer fabrics and hardware, available in various finishes.
*This Exclusive product can only be purchased through Hunter Douglas Gallery and Showcase dealers.