How To Measure Your Windows When Ordering Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the smartest choices you can make when it comes to window coverings. By choosing a thermally efficient blind with a reflective coating on both sides, you can radically lower both your heating and cooling costs for a low initial outlay. Roller blinds are a cost-effective, maintenance-free and highly durable way to cover your windows. Here we will guide you through the process of measuring your windows.

Step #1. Select Your Tape Measure Carefully

For blinds to increase the energy-efficiency of your home they will need to be accurately measured. Never use a cloth tape to measure for blinds as they stretch when you pull them. For the quickest and most accurate results, use a steel tape measure and ask a friend or family member to help you.

Step #2. Inside Or Outside The Recess?

Does your window have a recess? If so, you’ll want to measure how deep the recess is. If it is less than 2.5” deep, you will not be able to mount blinds inside the recess. Also check whether the window opens inwards and see if there are any other obstructions that would prevent the blinds from opening.

Step #3. Inside The Recess

Provided you have a recess more that 2.5” deep and your windows do not open inwards, you can simply measure the height and width of the recess. When you go to order your blinds from either a store or online blind supplier, staff there will always make slight alternations to the measurements you give them to ensure that the blinds will fit in a recess of this size. Due to the brackets, the cloth width will always be around an inch shorter on each side. Always measure the width in multiple places and quote the smallest measurement.

Step #4. Outside The Recess

When measuring to fit roller blinds outside the window frames, your decisions are somewhat easier. You don’t have the hassle of having to worry about whether the blinds will be prevented from opening or closing. You simply need to decide how far you want the blinds to overlap the width of the window. Most blind suppliers and stores suggest an overlap of 2.5”. Remember that the cloth width on roller blinds will be an inch narrower than the overall width. For aesthetic reasons always plan to fix the blinds around 2.5” above the top of the window frame. This means that when the blind is retracted it will not overhang the window itself.

Step #5. Start Shopping!

These are the only steps necessary when measuring a window for new blinds. Find a supplier of roller blinds in Toronto or elsewhere and report your measurements. They will take it from there. Their staff will know how to match the correct size of blinds with the measurements you give them. Ordering blinds in the correct width and height for your windows is the best way to get maximum thermal-efficiency. Blinds that are too narrow or too short will let heat and cool air pass around the outer edges more easily.