Decorating Your Room With Drapes

Drapes are very common decorative materials that you usually see in homes. If you have decided to decorate your home with drapery, you will find out that they are a little bit tricky to deal with. Drapes are not like curtains, even if people use the terms interchangeably. They are heavier than curtains and are often bigger as well. Thus, they tend to create a bigger impact on any room of your home. If you are to decorate with drapery items, here are some tips that you might find useful.

The colors of your drapes

You need to be mindful with the color of your drapes. Always remember that each color has its own, distinct effect on its environment. Here are the most popular colors for drapes and what you should know about them.

• Red – This is definitely the most popular color for drapery. Red is elegant, red is passionate, and red is classy-looking. It is a very popular window treatment for bedrooms as well as living rooms. The darker shades of red are preferred over the lighter ones.

• Black – Black drapers are common among rooms with a modern theme. Since black is a neutral color, it can easily go well with other colors of the room. Black drapes are excellent at blocking out sunlight and that is why they are often used at home theatre rooms.

• Grey – Grey would go well against near walls that are painted with various shades of green and yellow. It should also be noted that grey is an excellent alternative to black. Grey drapes are also very practical to install in modern rooms.

• Green – Green is a color that people love to use on their kitchen or dining area. It is a natural color and is perfect for a natural-themed room. It is fresh to look at making it one of the favorite colors for drapes. A word of caution when using drapes in your kitchen – never have drapes or even curtains over your stove since they might get caught on fire.

Color combinations and designs

Drapes do not just come in solid colors. They also come in a combination of colors. Some of the most popular color combinations include the following – black and green, gold and black, and pink and yellow. Also, most drapes that you will see in the market come in beautifully detailed designs. Straight lines, especially stripes and checkers, are perfect for rooms with modern styles. On the other hand, drapes with flowery and very fancy designs are more suitable for traditional as well as classic rooms.

The pole matters

Also, you have to look into something that most people tend to overlook – the pole that carries your drapes. Most of the time, these poles are made out of ordinary-looking metal and wooden bars. There is nothing special about them. But if you want, you can always go for extra special poles. For example, you can have a beautifully-crafted, wooden pole made from oak or mahogany. Such a decorative material can definitely bring more beauty to your room.

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